This page summarizes the works done or to be done here:

As NeoWorld is a huge project and it is being developed and updated constantly, it is not feasible to halt the project and translate it into another language. Therefore, we hope the community work together to assist with the translation work, by the following steps:

1) Print Screen the major pages, and add English translation to the sides of the Chinese words;

2) Post the pictures (with translation) here, and add the translated English below, for future incorporation into the game.

3) Make clear references of the pages, to assist non-Chinese speaking players to find the relevant translation easily.

Thank you all for the efforts here!

Existing translation work (website, whitepaper, one-pagers, etc.) are available at the official website.


If you are interested in this translation project, please add wechat kane_neoworld to join us!

To Start:

Look at the Official Definition List

Go to the Main Page of the Game